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The Latest Smart Home Trends

Your home is your safe space. It holds your belongings, sure, but it’s so much more. It’s where you connect with those you love, where you make lasting memories, and where you rest after a long day. With all the things you use your home for, doesn’t it make sense to ensure your home is

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Get Your Commercial Building Ready for Winter

Although the first day of winter isn’t for a few weeks (Friday, December 21), you just never know when winter weather will appear. As a commercial business owner – even in the coldest weather or harshest snowfall – your facility must be: Comfortable Accessible Safe Secure If it isn’t, you risk losing customers. In the

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Security New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

  It’s that time of year where everybody makes New Year’s resolutions to improve their health, financial situation or anything else they want to improve. But what about residential or commercial business security resolutions? Just like yourself, your home, car or business (if you own one) should change for the better when it comes to

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Apartment Security Tips for Renters

Apartment renters have different security concerns vs. homeowners, like: Lack of privacy due to living in close proximity to other tenants High volume of foot traffic in your apartment complex Multiple entry and exit points in the building Potential roof access Of course, this doesn’t mean that apartment security is any less important than home

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The 5 Best Business Security Improvements for 2015

Business security can be addressed in many ways from a number of different viewpoints. When evaluating your share of the market and how to increase sales or profit, remember that stability also depends on security and safety within your storefront, office or warehouse. As you put together a business plan for 2015, consider ways to

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6 Steps to Prevent Internal Theft

Here are surprising facts about employee theft that you should know: TD Bank estimates that employee theft is a factor in the bankruptcy of 10 % of failed SME’s. Employees are responsible for about 33 % of the annual $4billion Canadian retailers lose to shrinkage, like theft. Retail profit margins are often slim, and it

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