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Commercial Locks & Door Hardware

High Security Door Locks, Handlesets & More for Businesses

Locks, Levers, Door Openers and Closers

commercial levers and locksets

Locksets and Levers

For interior and exterior doors that need to look professional and remain secure. These locks can look unassuming but pack a serious security punch.

commercial deadbolts


Are your deadbolts protecting your business and its contents? Better deadbolts with high quality steel and force-resistant construction means better security — and possibly discounts on your insurance.

commercial locsk keyless entry

Keyless Entry

These pushbutton or key card electronic locks not only provide top-level security, they eliminate the need for heavy key chains and the risk of key duplication. You can also easily track who comes and goes as a further security measure.

High Security Cylinders

High-Security Cylinders

These are the most pick-resistant, bump-resistant locks on the market. They’re extensively tested and and provide an impenetrable boundary between your important products and any unsavoury elements outside.

slide bolts

Slide Bolts

Simple, easy-to-install locks add an extra measure of security and criminal deterrence.

door closers

Door Closers

Hydraulic hardware assures doors can’t be left ajar, eliminating the human-error element as a potential break in hazard.

commercial push paddles

Push Paddles

These easy-to-use devices make entry and exit quick and easy for customers of all sizes.

commercial astragals


These close the clearance gap between a pair of doors, making them more secure and draft-free. They serve as a deterrent when the business is closed but pedestrians are still passing by shop doors.

commercial Panic Bar

Panic Bars

These full-width handles allow a door to be opened quickly and easily from the inside. Like we said, hope for the best but prepare for the worse. If a fire breaks out, panic bars can save precious seconds on evacuation.

commercial door hinges


Find your perfect hinge here, from plain bearing, to ball bearing, swing clear, square corner, 5/8 radius corner, non-removable pin (NRP), and more.

Continuous Hinge

Continuous Hinges

These heavy-duty hinges distribute weight along the full length of the door.

Door Accessories, Security Bars and Grills

commercial peepholes

Peep Holes

If you have limited access areas to protect, peep holes can provide an added measure of security and peace of mind.

commercial door stops

Door Stops

We have a wide-array of door-mounted, wall-mount and floor-mount door stops.

commercial window bars

Window Bars

Even better than window locks, these high-security bars are a great burglary deterrent. Your business is instantly disregarded as a target when these high gauge, high density steel bars are visible.

Store Front Grills

Storefront Grills

Portable or permanent, medium, heavy, or maximum duty, these grills help prevent break-ins or limit access to interior spaces. They absorb impact and stand up to decades of weathering.

Other Locks

Filing Cabinet Locks Bars

Filing Cabinet Locks & Bars

Protect your sensitive or private material. Use these alone or as add-ons to your filing cabinet’s original locks.

specialty locks and cabinet locks

Cabinet & Specialty Locks

Help prevent unauthorized access to the contents of any cabinet by having specialty locks installed.

commercial padlocks


Secure important storage areas with a reliable padlock. We offer a huge array of key and combination models that are weatherproof. We even carry styles with a removable core- meaning it can be keyed the same as your building’s door.

commercial key boxes

Key Cabinets & Boxes

Help keep keys safe and organized with a locking cabinet or box. These can conveniently and securely hold your keys either outside or inside- wherever you need access.

Other Door Accessories

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us. We can source anything for your door, lock or safe requirements.


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