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Beyond Your Lock – How to Choose the Right Door Frame

When considering the security of your commercial property, the first priority that most owners gravitate towards are the locks on the doors, but what about the door frame? While locks and sturdy doors are important as a safeguard for your business, door frames are a hidden element of your entryway that can elevate the appearance

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Safe

Safes have kept personal belongings protected for centuries. It’s believed that the first safe actually belonged to Pharaoh Ramesses 11 all the way back in the 13th century. They have, of course, greatly changed since then.   In fact, there are now many safety features that your new safe can have to offer you the right kind of protection. Consider these features and

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How Smart Tech Can Help Keep You Safe

The evolution of home and commercial business security isn’t any more apparent today than when it comes to automation. Devices are constantly being introduced and revolutionized to help keep you safe in almost all aspects of your daily life, whether at home or at work. Security is now essential to keeping homes and businesses fully

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The Latest Smart Home Trends

Your home is your safe space. It holds your belongings, sure, but it’s so much more. It’s where you connect with those you love, where you make lasting memories, and where you rest after a long day. With all the things you use your home for, doesn’t it make sense to ensure your home is

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It Takes a Village – How You Can Keep Your Community Safe With Your Security System

Crooks are always looking for ways to get their hands on your stuff. The criminal mind is constantly evolving to find new ways to steal, but unlucky for them security systems are evolving as well. As homes and businesses become more connected with smart home technology, having a physical network of high security locks, battery-operated

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Get Your Commercial Building Ready for Winter

Although the first day of winter isn’t for a few weeks (Friday, December 21), you just never know when winter weather will appear. As a commercial business owner – even in the coldest weather or harshest snowfall – your facility must be: Comfortable Accessible Safe Secure If it isn’t, you risk losing customers. In the

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