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Commercial Safes

Do You Feel Confident That Your Businesses Valuables Are Secure?

All businesses should have a secure place for valuables- cash, sensitive materials, or important documents, because all businesses are at risk for theft or fire.

This is true for all businesses. So it is true for your business.

What Kind of Safe Should You Choose?

The type of commercial safe you need depends on what you’re storing: papers, currency, digital files? Are you more concerned about fire or theft? Or both? All the safes we offer are tested by Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) and assigned a rating for each hazard.

Firewalls don’t always protect your data! Removing sensitive data from your hard drive and placing it in physical storage is a sound business idea.

How to Read the Ratings

Fire Resistance

UL tests models using three different temperatures and five different time durations. Safes are then rated accordingly.

Class 350 safes withstand up to 350 degrees (Fahrenheit) of interior heat. These are best for storing paper or currency. Class 150 safes will not allow interior temperatures to exceed 150 degrees. These are best for magnetic tape and photographic film. Class 125 safes—the strongest–are best for hard drives and magnetic media.

Burglary Rating

According to a recent study1, employee theft is responsible for one-third of the annual $4 billion that Canadian retailers lose each year. And this number is growing.

UL rates commercial safes according to their resistance to attack utilizing specific tools for a set period of time.

For example: class TRTL-15×6 resist a hand tool and torch attack for a minimum of 15 minutes. A TRTL-30×6-rated safe, ideal for important documents or money, and should withstand an attack for 30 minutes.

This may not sound like a lot, but the safe crackers at UL are the best in the world. Chances are good that the average thief won’t be able to crack this type of safe at all—let alone a dishonest employee.

Protect Your Investment: Choose a Brand with a Solid Warranty

We carry products from the top three manufactures in the industry. All three manufacturers offer a limited lifetime repair or replacement warranty.

  • Gardall
  • Amsec
  • And many more

Professional Safe Relocation Services

Moving safes requires special equipment and expertise to prevent damages to your place of business and to the safe itself. Learn more about our professional safe relocation services.

Not Sure What You Need?

That’s where we come in. We’ll pay a visit to your place of business, discuss your needs, and come up with various solutions, from a well-placed wall commercial safe to a full-size vault.  Contact us today.

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