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Safe maintenance

Your Safe is Important. Don’t Neglect it Until it Fails

Just as it makes sense to get yearly medical checkups to maintain good health, it’s a great idea to have safe maintenance services performed once a year.

Nipping problems in the bud—or avoiding them in the first place—will ensure that you won’t have to replace your entire safe because it was not properly taken care of.

What We Do

To service your safe, an Aim technician will clean, tear down, lubricate and grease the combination dial, perform lock and body work as needed, and check handles and hinges. We will also look for metal wear and tear, re-align and reset the combination, and, if needed, replace any worn parts.

But What If My Safe is Working Just Fine?

You never know what might be wearing out until, one day, something snaps and your safe just won’t open. Now you can’t access your important belongings.

In this case, you may be looking at emergency service, and the cost of having your safe drilled open. Believe us, it’s much less expensive to have yearly safe maintenance than it is to incur these kinds of costs.

Call Us!

If you’ve already purchased a safe (from us or from a competitor), we’ll be happy to perform regular maintenance on it.  Call us to get an estimate and/or schedule a maintenance call.

If you’ve got an old safe in need of more than regular maintenance, see our refurbishment options.

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“We use Aim Lock & Safe to do service on our customers locks when necessary. Aim is fast, on time and dependable. Reaction from our customers are very positive.”
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