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Fireproof Safes

Protect Your Most Valued Items from Fire and Theft

The risk is real.

The National Fire Protection Association states during that there’s a one in four chance of experiencing a fire that would be large enough to warrant calling emergency services in an average lifetime.

This is why protection from disaster is one of the most important considerations to most of our customers- and it should be yours too.

Don’t Risk Losing Important Belongings in a House Fire

Imagine having to replace all of your birth certificates, passports, the deed to your house? Or your most treasured family documents? These things may not be vulnerable to theft, but they are vulnerable to fire. A resistant  home safe will give you peace of mind.

What Can’t You Run Your Business Without?

If your location burned to the ground, would anything be lost that could not be repurchased?

In 2011, $2.8 billion in direct property losses were incurred in the U.S.  as a result of fires in business or commercial spaces.

Do you have important files that you depend on to operate? Insurance would cover the loss of computers, desks, and equipment, but what about critically important documents that can’t be replaced?

Deciphering What Different Ratings Mean

Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) tests models by exposing them to different temperatures for varied time durations. Their level of resistance to these test are how they earn their numeric rating.

Class 350 provide the lowest amount of protection. When exposed to a 1700 degree flame (hotter than most house fires), the inside temperature will stay below 350 degrees F for at least one hour before the temperature increases. This type of safe is best for storing paper or currency.

For magnetic tape and photographic film, you need a class 150 safe. This safe will not exceed 150 degrees under the same circumstances- it keeps the interior cooler and your more delicate valuables safer.

Class 125 safes—the greatest level of protection–are best for hard drives and magnetic media. These safes, labeled as media safes, also protect against high humidity, electromagnetic fields, electrostatic discharge and dust.

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