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Beyond Your Lock – How to Choose the Right Door Frame

When considering the security of your commercial property, the first priority that most owners gravitate towards are the locks on the doors, but what about the door frame? While locks and sturdy doors are important as a safeguard for your business, door frames are a hidden element of your entryway that can elevate the appearance

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How Smart Tech Can Help Keep You Safe

The evolution of home and commercial business security isn’t any more apparent today than when it comes to automation. Devices are constantly being introduced and revolutionized to help keep you safe in almost all aspects of your daily life, whether at home or at work. Security is now essential to keeping homes and businesses fully

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Commercial Access for Your Business

Don’t look now; but the big Christmas shopping season is just around the corner. And as a smart business owner, you’ve taken time for important things like: Stocking up on extra inventory Training your sales team (or even hiring extra staff) Modifying your hours of operation Something that gets overlooked, though, is ensuring the accessibility

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5 Reasons to Install a Keyless Entry System in your Apartment Building

How Your Apartment Complex Can Benefit From A Keyless Entry System If you manage an apartment complex or currently live in one, you know how difficult locks can be. There are all sorts of problems with lost keys, deadbolt malfunctions and other challenges. Thankfully, keyless entry systems can rescue apartment managers. They save all sorts of

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Weighing Your Access Control Options

In the world of increasing threats, keeping your facility and staff safe is a critical issue. Thankfully, advances in technology have made commercial access control systems and options flexible, scalable and affordable. Analyzing Your Access Control Concerns The first step in designing the right access control system for your facility is to determine three key

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Ontario Legislation- Access for Persons with Disabilities

Enabling Access for All Canadians Ontario has been a leader in protecting Canadians’ equality of rights including people with disabilities. It was the first province to legislate a Human Rights Code in 1962. In 1985, the Canadian Human Rights Act became law nationwide, which prohibits discrimination based on mental or physical disability. It defines the

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