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5 Reasons to Install a Keyless Entry System in your Apartment Building

How Your Apartment Complex Can Benefit From A Keyless Entry System

If you manage an apartment complex or currently live in one, you know how difficult locks can be. There are all sorts of problems with lost keys, deadbolt malfunctions and other challenges. Thankfully, keyless entry systems can rescue apartment managers. They save all sorts of time and effort while preventing unnecessary drama and frustration. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that keyless entry systems provide for apartment complexes.

No More Changing The Locks

Nobody wants to move into an apartment until the locks are changed. New tenants fear that the former tenant will show up when they are at work and steal their stuff. From a landlord’s perspective, preparing an apartment for a new tenant is enough of a hassle without having to worry about changing the locks. Doing so requires plenty of work. A locksmith must be contacted to re-key and change the lock over and over as each tenant moves in and out.

A keyless entry system simplifies the transition from one tenant to the next. Since there is no key involved, apartment doors don’t have to be constantly re-keyed as tenants cycle in and out across the years. You’ll save plenty of money in the long run when you don’t have to constantly replace keys, deadbolts and door knobs.

Modern Protection

Unfortunately, keys can and do get lost. As an apartment manager, you always have to keep duplicate keys in reserve just in case a tenant loses his set. It’s not safe to have lost keys floating out there in the hands of strangers. You won’t have to worry about keys making their way into the hands of unsavory characters after you install a keyless entry system at your apartment complex.

Simple Installation And Use

While keyless entry systems might sound technologically complex, they are quite simple to install. It takes hardly any time at all to install the system. The key card systems are actually fairly simple stand-alone mechanisms that don’t involve wiring throughout the door. Even the typical maintenance worker can fix any issues that arise.

No Tools Required

If a tenant moves out, you won’t be forced to install a new lock, door knob and deadbolt. With a keyless entry system, you’ll be able to change the unit’s entry code in hardly any time at all. You can change it right on the code pad or on a computer with a key card system. You won’t even need a hammer or a screwdriver. This is as easy as it gets.

Keyless Entry Systems Attract Tenants

Most apartment complexes have not yet made the transition to a keyless entry system. If you install the system at your property, you’ll find that your tenants rave over how easy it is to access their units. They’ll tell their friends and pretty soon, you’ll have a viral buzz that attracts a flock of interested renters. This system has a special appeal to tenants who are concerned with their own safety as well as that of their possessions. You’ll be ahead of the curve when you invest in a keyless entry system.

Aim Lock and Safe is ready to install your keyless entry system today. We’re a family owned business and we pride ourselves on elite customer service. We’ve been helping property owners throughout Ontario for over 25 years. Contact us today for a consultation.

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