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Taking Care of Your Safe – Maintenance to Keep It Healthy

Unforeseen issues in safes may get worse, prompting you to drill the safe open. Best to just avoid that altogether

Once in a while you take time to visit a physician for medical check-ups, but have you ever wondered whether your safe needs such attention?/ Mechanisms installed in a safe need proper maintenance and servicing every year to say the least. You should ensure that parts on your safe are revised, ensuring that it retains proper functionality and is able to service you for a long time. If any nipping problems occurs in the bud, or if you have a neglected safe, Aim Lock and Safe will help you avoid the hustle of having to replace it by conducting safe maintenance and servicing.

Servicing Your Safe

Servicing your safe is a process that requires skills and precision. Experienced Aim Lock and Safe technicians are trained to

  • Clean your safe
  • Lubricate and grease your safe’s combination dial
  • Tear down your safe
  • Check handles and hinges
  • Work on locks and body work of your safe
  • Re-align and reset your safe’s combination
  • Check for possible metal wear and tear
  • Replace any worn parts

But isn’t the Functionality of My Safe Working Right

It’s always a good idea not to judge a book by its cover! If you’ve never had your safe serviced before, you may fail to understand whatever might be wearing out until reality hits you in the face. You might arrive home one day, only to find out that your safe isn’t operating normally. This is an awkward position to find yourself in as you will have to bear with the restrictions preventing you from accessing important items locked inside the safe.

In such situations, you would normally want to consider using an emergency service provider who’s experienced in safe maintenance and drilling. While other safe maintenance service providers offer expensive services, Aim Lock and Safe services are affordable. But before your safe comes to such state, it is advisable to have maintenance services undertaken, since it costs much less to have it serviced yearly than it costs to pay for service charges needed to remove your safe

Safeguard Your Security

Owning a safe is proof that you’re aware of the sensitivity, safety and security of your classified documents and other important items inside your safe. Issues involving your safe’s security are obvious signals of unforeseen crises

But you shouldn’t worry. Aim Lock and Safe maintenance operates a business model designed to provide urgent services on short notice. We have a team of professional specialists and technicians who operate a fleet of emergency units fitted with GPS tracking systems. In case your emergency call is received by one of our dispatch personnel, we ensure the closest unit available in your location in Ontario is dispatched to attend and resolve any safe issues in the shortest time possible.

Dealing with small issues can at times be tolerated, but when it comes to safes, smaller issues may escalate to bigger issues, and the end could mean that your safe is drilled open. This eventually increases costs that you wouldn’t have had to deal with, if you’d have considered safe maintenance

At Aim Lock and Safe, we understand that you don’t have to rely on us to manage your safe’s security. But we offer emergency service plans so that you can reach us anytime 24/7 in the event you experience problems with your safe. Do not hesitate to contact us for details regarding our services.

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