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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Safe

Safes have kept personal belongings protected for centuries. It’s believed that the first safe actually belonged to Pharaoh Ramesses 11 all the way back in the 13th century. They have, of course, greatly changed since then.  

In fact, there are now many safety features that your new safe can have to offer you the right kind of protectionConsider these features and you’ll find a safe that best suits your needs. 

Safe Features tConsider 

Safes are an excellent investment, but before purchasing one, it’s best to narrow down exactly what kind of safe will work best for your personal needs. Consider these factors to help ensure you get the safe that is right for you. 


Contemplate the dimensions of the safe that will best suit your needs and where it will be stored. What you are storing in the safe will directly affect the size of safe you will need. Also, will this safe need to be moved at all? If so, you want something a little smaller and lighter. 


Figure out exactly what will be going in the safe and pick out your safe accordingly. You won’t need a large safe suitable for guns if you’re storing jewelry or documents. The less wasted space, the better. 

Fire Protection 

Selecting a safe with the proper fire protection rating is integral. Make sure any safe you buy is ETL verified and check the heat test rating. Most heat test ratings consist of protection for 30, 60 or 90 minutes of exposure to 1200 degree temperatures 

Added Features 

Safes come in a variety of models and options, so make sure you research and find out exactly what you need out of a safe.  

Does it open with a bolting, dial or electronic lock? Is it a re-locker? Does it have reinforced lock protecting steel layers? How are the door and frame constructed? Find out the answers to all of these questions and any other ones you may have before making a purchase.  

Safe Ratings 

Safes have a number of different ratings that indicate different strengthsHere are the key ratings you should know: 

  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) ratings: This company has been testing safes for over 100 years, and their logo on a safe means the safe meets the toughest of standards. Their ratings are helpful to asses tampering risk for gun safes 
  • TL ratings: This rating refers to combination safes that can remain protected against a number of tools for a long period of time, such as cutting tools, pick and hand tools, grinding tools, power saws and more.  
  • B-rating & C rating: These ratings refer to the thickness of the safe’s walls and doors. C-rating safes have thicker walls and doors than B-rating safes do. 
  • Fire rating: Most safes will usually have a 1, 2- or 3-hour fire rating classification on them. For example, a rating of Class 350 1 hour means that during a fire, the internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 350F for at least one hour when it is exposed to temperatures meeting or exceeding 1700F. We have fireproof safes 

If you’re looking for the safe that’s right for you, contact the lock and safe experts at Aim Lock & Safe today. 

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