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Beyond Your Lock – How to Choose the Right Door Frame

When considering the security of your commercial property, the first priority that most owners gravitate towards are the locks on the doors, but what about the door frame? While locks and sturdy doors are important as a safeguard for your business, door frames are a hidden element of your entryway that can elevate the appearance and functionality of your business entry. 


Why Door Frames are Important 


Commercial doors and commercial door frames endure heavy use, serving the purpose of an entryway as well as a measure of security for your property and everything of value behind the door. 


A high-quality entry door and door frame serve many purposes: 


  • Serve as the first impression of your business 
  • Welcome your employees and customers into your property 
  • Provide security and protect valuables on your property from theft or damage 
  • Insulation to make the most of your indoor heating and cooling 


Whether you’re constructing a new building or you’re on the hunt for a better replacement of your current entryway, Aim Lock & Safe can provide the solutions and services needed to get the job done with attention to your property security. 


How to Choose the Best Door Frame for Your Property 


When choosing a door frame for your commercial purposes, there are a few key considerations and questions that you should ask yourself when weighing the options. 


What material would suit your needs and building design? 


There are a wide variety of options for both doors and door frames, including steel, aluminum, metal-clad; each with their own unique qualities. 


What regulations or restrictions do you need to consider for your door and frame? 


Many commercial properties have more than just appearance and security to consider. The gauge of the metal, fire rating, insulation and rust-proofing are all examples of specifications to consider when selecting the right solution for your commercial purposes. 


Is the door a replacement or for a new build? 


Many commercial properties experience damage from weather, heavy use or even break-ins. In many of these cases, a complete replacement isn’t necessary; instead, we can determine what exactly needs to be done while saving you as much money as possible. 


If you’re looking for a solution for a new building, Aim Lock & Safe offers all the materials and options you need to blend form and function, in addition to the services needed to install a secure door, frame and lock solution. 


Entryways with Aim Lock & Safe 


Aim Lock & Safe offers the full suite of commercial doors, door frames, high-security locks and services that contribute to your commercial entryway solutions. Aim Lock & Safe offers options that not only provide the level of utility and security that you seek but also provides the appearance that is in alignment with your building’s existing design. 


Contact us for a free consultation. We aim to provide every customer with our extensive knowledge and expertise to help choose the perfect solution for your commercial purposes. 






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