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How Smart Tech Can Help Keep You Safe

The evolution of home and commercial business security isn’t any more apparent today than when it comes to automation. Devices are constantly being introduced and revolutionized to help keep you safe in almost all aspects of your daily life, whether at home or at work.

Security is now essential to keeping homes and businesses fully protected as smart tech works side-by-side with tried and true mechanical security systems to keep you as safe as possible, and even save your life.

Connectivity Between Automated Services and Your Mechanical Security System

Here is an example of how smart home tech can quickly work with your security system to potentially save the lives of you and your family:

  1. You and your family go to bed but forget to blow out a candle.
  2. This candle falls and sets some nearby curtains on fire.
  3. Your monitored smoke alarm senses smoke and assumes there is a fire. Lights immediately turn on and doors unlock so your family can see where they are going after they hear the alarm.
  4. The 24/7 monitoring center that your security system is connected to is alerted that the fire alarm is going off within 30 seconds and notifies fire authorities in your area.
  5. while this happening, your smart thermostat shuts down all HVAC operation so there is no additional fuel to the fire.
  6. The security system disarms itself so that you and your family can safely get out of the house and fire fighters arrive almost as soon as the fire began. They have easy access to the fire so they can extinguish it quickly, which helps to avoid any harm to your family or further damage to your home.

Here is another example of how technology can work in tandem with your commercial security system to potentially save the lives of your colleagues:

  1. As a business owner, you’re out of town for meetings and some of your employees have planned to stay late at the office.
  2. They use keyless access to enter and exit the main entrance of the building and give you the ability for you to track who has entered through your smartphone.
  3. Later into the evening, an intruder attempts to gain access through a back door by overpowering the manual security locks after seeing he cannot get through the main entrance.
  4. Your monitored security cameras detect movement and begin recording, immediately sending a text message to your phone, alerting you of the attempt.
  5. While the cameras continue to record footage, you notify the authorities.
  6. The fortified manual security system continues to keep your employees safe inside until a responding police team arrives.
  7. These are just a couple of examples of the many ways that your smart system can work seamlessly with your mechanical security to ward off threats and keep you safe, even while you’re away (such as by sending notifications to your phone).

Security Automation Trends to Watch

This year will see some key trends working toward syncing automation and security systems even further.

  • More intuitive technology that will be able to anticipate and respond quickly when things go wrong. This could also incorporate elements such as facial recognition, which is especially ideal for businesses who may have many employees or simply want the added security measure of controlling who goes in and out of their building.
  • More user-friendly integrations between smart devices and security systems, such as one app to manage all components.
  • Better personal privacy practices and a consumer preference for devices that incorporate encryption methods.
  • Smart technology amalgamated across neighborhoods and business areas to better protect entire communities.

Interested in more mechanical security or commercial options such as keyless entry for your business? Find out what security solutions are possible for your home or business by contacting the security experts at Aim Lock & Safe Ltd.
Smart Home Security Trends to Watch in 2019. Guardian Protection Services. Available online https://blog.guardianprotection.com/2018/11/07/smart-home-security-trends-to-watch-in-2019/.

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