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The Latest Smart Home Trends

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Your home is your safe space. It holds your belongings, sure, but it’s so much more. It’s where you connect with those you love, where you make lasting memories, and where you rest after a long day. With all the things you use your home for, doesn’t it make sense to ensure your home is as smart as possible?

That’s where keeping up on the latest smart home technology comes in. Here are some of the newest smart home trends we’re watching this year.


High Security Door Locks and Accessories

Smart homes still benefit from the foundation of physical security elements such as handlesets, knobs and levers, and deadbolts to bolster key entry points on doors. Slide bolts and chain locks, patio door locks and bars, and garage door locks are also fundamental security additions that continue to improve in functionality and aesthetic. Each of these home protection options come in a variety of styles to suit your home and increase your safety at the same time.

Keyless entry systems such as pushbutton locks have been growing in popularity and remain a preferred choice for many homeowners who want an added level of protection in addition to door lock accessories and reinforcements.

Doorbell cameras

The variety of different doorbell cameras on the market is going to spike this year. Though they may range in cost, connectivity and style, they all serve the same purpose; ensuring no porch thief is left unrecorded. The newer models are becoming sleeker, offer better resolution and have a wider range to capture more.

A closed-circuit camera and/or intercom system is an excellent way to monitor who is coming around your property and help limit their access to your property or certain areas of your property. These wireless release systems can be controlled with a button or visor mount, or even a wireless push button extension.

Facial recognition

With it already being used on phones and laptops, look for facial recognition to make its way into home security. Forgotten passwords, stolen keys or the stress of an alarm going off could all become a thing of the past. The built-in cameras could also double as a security camera.

Connectivity with multiple devices

Right now, many devices don’t sync up with one another for a variety of reasons. Different technology, brands or licensing may not allow these things to work together to better serve you and your home. But experts believe that for these companies and products to thrive, they will have to integrate themselves with each other to become beneficial to homeowners.

smart home

Tech Around the House

Smart appliances

Though appliances have been getting smarter over the past few years, don’t expect that evolution to stop anytime soon. We think you’ll start seeing the appliances in your home evolve even more. Fridges with see-through glass, stoves with Amazon Alexa and laundry machines that have auto detergent dispensaries are just a few examples of how your appliances are going to start offering more intelligent convenience.


What was once a thing of imagination, is now on the verge of coming into your home, but maybe not quite in the ways you thought. Not yet at least. Robot dogs are already a thing, and technically, Amazon Alexa and Google Home are a type of robot. But, the smart oven, Suvie, is very reminiscent of something that The Jetsons used. Robots are on their way into your home, make sure you’re ready.

Baby steps

You might assume that technology might not have much to offer babies, but you’d be surprised. From the advancements in baby video monitors to wearable tech that monitors sleep patterns and breathing during sleep, the world of baby tech might just be one of the biggest in the field to be on the rise.

Smart home technology can help your community

If you can keep your home safe, why not extend that to your community? Home tech can play a vital role in keeping your neighbours safe by having your closed-circuit cameras and security systems sync up with that of your whole community. It can then be utilized by your local police as video evidence of a crime, to capture images of suspected criminals, or to help them focus resources onto a certain area where a crime may have happened.

Safety is a critical feature of evolving smart home technology. Give our expert team at Aim Lock & Safe a call to ensure your home is on the cutting-edge of safety.

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