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It Takes a Village – How You Can Keep Your Community Safe With Your Security System


Crooks are always looking for ways to get their hands on your stuff. The criminal mind is constantly evolving to find new ways to steal, but unlucky for them security systems are evolving as well.

As homes and businesses become more connected with smart home technology, having a physical network of high security locks, battery-operated door controls that restrict access to pin pads and key cards, or installing an intercom system is still vital to a robust security network that incorporates both mechanical and wireless elements for total protection.

Here are some key tips for how you can keep your community safe with your security system.

Install High Security Locks and Door Frames

Nothing beats the protection of high security locks such as deadbolts, side bolts, patio door locks and bars, and garage door locks. High security cylinders and keyless entry pushbutton locks or electronic keycard locking systems are popular choices. Commercial door frames also work to deter thieves as they’re made to endure heavy use and can’t easily be damaged.

Utilize Closed-Circuit Cameras and Intercoms

As part of a two-fold security network, adding a closed-circuit camera and/or intercom system is a great way to keep track of who is coming in and around your property. This also helps restrict who has access to your home or business, or even limits access only to certain areas, giving you total control. Wireless push button extensions are also available if you need to be away from the main control area.

Register Security Cameras with Your Local Police

If you have security cameras in addition to your mechanical security, registering those cameras with police is an excellent way to assist them in crime prevention and act as an added investigative resource. Much like the Security Camera Resource And Mapping Program (S.C.R.A.M) that is being utilized by the Halton Regional Police, by registering your cameras with the police, you help them build a database of camera locations in your community. This helps them narrow down their investigation to a smaller radius around the crime scene and relocate resources to where they are needed most.

Hold Off on Deleting Footage

On average the standard home security system holds footage for roughly seven days, with more serious surveillance systems holding footage for anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

While not everyone has the storage capacity to hold onto all the footage a system takes in, you should try and keep footage for as long as the system allows you to.

Also, if there have been any crimes or suspicious activity happening in your area, consider putting your footage on an external hard drive until the reports stop. Your footage could help with an investigation in the future.

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Report Any Suspicious Activity You Capture

Whether you’re a resident or a business, many people don’t want to “bother” their local police when they see what they consider suspicious activity. But ask any police officer and they will tell you that even the smallest concern could lead to big results. There are a lot more citizens than police and they rely on what we see, as well as what our security systems capture.

Pay Attention to News in Your Area About Crimes or Suspicious Activity

Being aware of any strange activity or crimes that have already taken place in your community can help you stay alert. Pay attention to news reports, social media warnings and community forums to keep up on what’s happening around you, and also check to see if any of your footage might be relevant.

Be a Good Neighbour

People may not know their neighbours as well as they used to but you can help change that. If you know neighbours are leaving on vacation or traveling, keep an extra keen eye on their home while they’re gone for any suspicious activity. Also, be even more watchful of any of your neighbours who may be a little more vulnerable to crimes against them, such as the elderly, people that may be home-ridden or single people. If you watch over other people, they will watch over you, and that makes a community safer.

Remember, it takes a village! Give Aim Lock & Safe Ltd. a call if you’re considering installing or upgrading a security system.

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