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The Most Secure Locations in the World

Even the shiftiest safecracker or the craftiest cat burglar would have a tough (if not impossible) time breaking into (or out of) the following places.

Fort KnoxFort Knox

  • Where is it: USA
  • What’s it for: Houses the monetary assets of the United States
  • Cool security feature: The commercial door leading to the vaults weighs 250 tonnes

In the 1980s, there was an old Commodore 64 video game called “Raid on Fort Knox” where the player navigated through a maze, trying to get the gold before either time ran out or they were caught by security.

In reality, it would be near impossible to get within miles of the gold vaults. Fort Knox is surrounded by a military camp – stocked with tanks, armored personnel vehicles, attack helicopters and artillery.

Oh, and there are approximately 30,000 soldiers stationed at or near Fort Knox.

So, to anyone trying to sneak into Fort Knox: good luck.

*Photo credit: Wikipedia

Cheyenne MountainCheyenne Mountain

  • Where is it: USA
  • What’s it for: Command and control centre for US space missions and NORAD
  • Cool security feature: It’s built to withstand a 30 megaton nuclear detonation

Lots of important things happen at Cheyenne Mountain, like missile defense access control, continental surveillance and combat operations.

So it makes sense that it would be a tough place to get to.

How tough? Well, Cheyenne Mountain is built under 2000 feet of granite. It also has its own police station and a network of secret tunnels.

*Photo credit: Wikipedia

Area 51Area 51

  • Where is it: USA
  • What’s it for: Military operations and aircraft testing (also it’s where they keep the aliens)
  • Cool security feature: Only one non-employee is allowed access: the US President

Area 51 has its own airport, but it doesn’t have an airport identifier code associated with it.

It also has its own airline (Janet) that shuttles employees to and from Area 51 from the nearest commercial airport, which is in Las Vegas.

So the only way to get to Area 51 is on an airport which can’t be contacted, aboard planes which people can’t get on.

Of course, Area 51 has the usual array of cameras, underground motion detectors. As well, military personnel are dressed in desert camouflage (Area 51 is in the Nevada desert) while keeping an eye out for intruders.

If that isn’t enough, anyone approaching the border of Area 51 will be greeted with this sign:

  • “Use of deadly force is authorized”

ADXADX Florence Prison

  • Where is it: USA
  • What’s it for: Maximum security prison
  • Cool security feature: Motion deterring laser beams

If you get sent to ADX, your chances of escape are less than zero.

In addition to the laser beams, there are cameras everywhere watching your every move. And if the camera misses you, pressure pads in the floor will keep track of where you’re going.

That doesn’t include other safe security features like the 1,400 remote control steel doors, the 12 foot tall razor wire fence or the dogs.

One last thing: inmates at ADX are kept in their cells almost 24/7 (23 hours a day). When they are let out for one hour, they are escorted by three guards at all times.

Stay safe (and keep away from these places too)

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