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Happy Canada Day from Aim Lock & Safe

Happy Canada Day

July 1 is Canada’s 148th birthday.

And from all of the team here at Aim Lock & Safe, we hope that you have safe, enjoyable and very happy Canada Day.

Whether you’re celebrating with friends and family, working or relaxing and taking it easy (and really, you should) – it’s good to take some time to think about why Canada is such an amazing place.

Actually, we took time to think about some of the things which make Canada truly great. And we’ve put together a short little list about them.

So in honour of Canada, here are some things to celebrate on Canada Day.

The Rocky MountainsIt’s a beautiful country

Canada is a great big country that’s full of natural and manmade beauty.

In fact, right here in the province of Ontario, you can find:

  • Pristine provincial parks
  • Giant waterfalls
  • Modern cities (with commercial business and local neighbourhoods)
  • Rocky cliffs
  • Rivers, streams and lakes

And that’s just in Ontario! You should see what the rest of Canada has to offer.

That’s just one reason why Canada is such an incredible place.

Canada flagThe maple leaf

It’s uniquely ours and it doesn’t belong to any other country but Canada.

Whether you see it on a flag, government building, a backpack – or even on a hockey sweater – the maple leaf stands for:

  • Freedom
  • Friendship
  • Hard work & determination
  • Enjoying life

Who knew that a little, simple leaf could represent so many great things about Canada?

SnowblowerGreat inventions from Canada

Where would we be without these great Canadian inventions?

  • Snow blower
  • The Robertson (square head) screw (invented right here in Milton, actually)
  • Alkaline batteries (like the ones we use for some of our locksmith tools)
  • Insulin
  • Superman (yes, Superman was created by a Canadian)
  • Poutine (mmmm….poutine)

And that’s only part of it. Canada is full of amazing inventions and innovations which are used every day, all of the world.

CanadiansProud Canadians

Canada is a fantastic place to live and work.

And Canadians – just like you – are fantastic people too.

At Aim Lock & Safe, we’re proud to call Canada our home.

We’re also proud of the fact that we can provide incredible locksmith services to customers all throughout Ontario.

So when it comes to safes, doors and other products, we hope you think of us first.

But before that, we want to wish you a great Canada Day!

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