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The 5 Best Business Security Improvements for 2015

Business security can be addressed in many ways from a number of different viewpoints. When evaluating your share of the market and how to increase sales or profit, remember that stability also depends on security and safety within your storefront, office or warehouse. As you put together a business plan for 2015, consider ways to make your business more secure, whether it’s access control, property protection or general security systems.

Your profits and hard work won’t count for much if they are lost to internal theft, burglary or fire. It’s easy to overlook building systems, internal security, doors and alarms when you put annual budgets together, but they are a critical part of your business. Here are five of the best business security upgrades to consider for 2015.

Commercial Wireless Releases

A wireless release is the best way to easily control access to certain parts of your store, warehouse or office. Door releases offer security for administrative staff or front desk personnel, letting them control who moves beyond the reception area. Door buzzers have been around for years, but newer technology offers silent options, portable wireless remotes and one-touch timed releases.

electric security door locksDoor Lock Upgrades

When was the last time you evaluated the security of your front door and other access points, including emergency exits and storage area doors? New hinges, keyless entry, double deadbolts and high security cylinders are a few of the options that might offer the extra degree of protection you are looking for.

Safe Installation

In the midst of day to day routines, it’s easy to forget the importance of securing special documents and valuables where they will not be damaged by fire, theft or other unexpected events. A commercial safe provides limited, controlled access and extra minutes or hours of safety during a fire or break-in. Safes and vaults have several options in terms of size and protection ratings.

Security and Alarm Systems

Basic surveillance or monitoring equipment can make dramatic improvements in your business security. Alarm systems, closed circuit TV cameras and monitors can be used to help with both internal and external security concerns. Keep an eye on your employees, customers and your building exterior whenever you need to. Put an alarm in place in case something goes wrong after hours.

Access Control Options

security camerasIn this day and age, there is no reason that every employee needs to have a key; there are simpler solutions. Swipe cards or fobs are easier to use while offering you a higher degree of control. Keypads are another convenient option that allow you to easily adapt or change access to part or all of your building as needed. Your customers will notice the high tech look, your employees will appreciate ease of use and you will rest easier knowing that you have more control over access within your facility.

Every item on this list can be customized or adapted for your specific business needs. Talk to our security experts about the best solutions for you office or commercial business. Make 2015 the year you stop worrying about security and make it part of your business plan.


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