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What are the Benefits of Weatherproof Padlocks?

Sometimes a simple approach is the best approach. For securing outdoor storage bins, storage units, storage sheds and the like, a high quality padlock is the way to go. Weatherproof padlocks are convenient, economical and have a number of benefits over other approaches to storage and protection. They are the best choice for any kind of outdoor, medium security situation.

What is a Weatherproof Padlock?

Weatherproof padlocks are made exclusively from stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials. This means they will not rust no matter how many years they are left in the elements. Even the internal mechanisms are non-corrosive to insure your lock will always open when it’s supposed to.


Padlocks are convenient and portable. They go where you go, free from the need for power sources or communications equipment. For trucks, trailers, jobsites and moveable equipment, use weatherproof padlocks.

Key-Free Options

Using a combination padlock keeps your keychain lighter and protects you from key loss. They are just as easy to open as keyed padlocks. If you would prefer to have a keyed lock, you may not need to carry an extra key. Many padlocks can be keyed for opening with your house key.

Perfect for Boating

Weatherproof padlocks are the best choice for any kind of marine environment. Whether you are on a local pond or Lake Ontario, a weatherproof lock will handle harsh conditions and frequent submersion in water. Use them for your boating gear boxes, storage lockers, trailers and anything else that’s going to be around water.

Protection from Grit and Dirt

Sand and dirt are the enemy of all locks. Even the best lock will be challenging to open if the internal mechanism is packed with dirt. If your padlock is going to be regularly exposed to sandy, gritty conditions, consider a weatherproof padlock with a plastic jacket and guarded keyway. That will provide the extra protection needed.

Rust Free in Extreme Conditions

Be assured that your weatherproof padlock will remain free of rust and corrosion. For any kind of outdoor security and storage situation, you want a lock that can handle the harsh Ontario winter. A weatherproof padlock will survive rain, sleet and snow. If you lock your storage unit in the fall and don’t come back until spring, it will open without a problem, year after year.

Is Weather Resistant Enough?

For temporary outdoor use or milder conditions, you may not need a fully weatherproof lock. A weather resistant padlock can handle average outdoor conditions. The lock may show some external rust, but should continue to work normally as long as it is not subjected to harsh conditions and constant moisture.

If your work or leisure life involves the outdoors and any kind of equipment, tools or gear, you need weatherproof padlocks to keep them safe in storage and on the go. Let us help you find the best lock for your needs. We have padlocks for every situation, indoors or out.

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