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What You Don’t Know About Insurance Coverage and Security

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel more secure in your home or business and save money at the same time? Adding additional security measures at your office or storefront is one of the best ways to lower your insurance costs. With measures in place to reduce the likelihood of break-ins and property loss, insurers feel more confident that you won’t be making big insurance claims, and your premium costs will go down. At the same time, you, your employees and your business property will be safer.

Here are a few steps you can take to lower insurance costs and increase security. Your initial investment will be recovered in time through lower monthly payments and your own peace of mind.

Upgrade Locks, Doors and Hardware

The longer it takes to pick a lock or get through a security system, the more likely it is an intruder will give up and go elsewhere. Whether it’s a standard deadbolt, a steel door or a keyless entry pad, upgrading the quality of your doors, locks and hardware makes it harder for unwanted visitors to get into your building. High quality security locks and controlled access systems are items that most insurance companies will give you a discount for.


Alarm Systems

How quickly will the fire department or police be notified if something happens at your business location? For both burglary and fires, an alarm system can save valuable minutes in the time it takes first responders to arrive, reducing property damage and product loss in the process. Installing an alarm system is one of the best ways to get a reduction in your annual insurance bill.

Safes and Vaults

Depending upon the nature of your business, storing merchandise in a commercial safe or secure vault can result in a significant premium reduction. Whether it’s for display products that are moved to a safe after hours or extra inventory storage, there are a number of different vaults and safes that can protect your business merchandise. Taking products out of store windows at night is one of the simplest safety measures that reduces insurance costs.

With new security measures in place, it’s important to have a safety meeting and training session with your employees. Make sure the appropriate staff members know how the systems work and what to do in case of emergency. Safety training is not only good for business operations, but is one of the items that insurers may offer credit for.

While most insurance companies offer discounts for standard security measures such as alarm systems, every company has somewhat different policies. Talk to your insurance agent about the best way to lower your premium costs through additional property protection. Then talk to your Ontario lock, safe and security experts, and take steps to put those safety measures in place.

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