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Replacement Commercial Doors & Weather-Stripping for Your Business

Commercial doors

During the nice weather of spring and summer, you may not have felt it necessary to replace your commercial doors, weather-stripping and other accessories for your business.

But now that the chilly weather of fall is here, the time is right to upgrade with high-quality doors for your business from Aim Lock & Safe.

There’s an old quote which says “the front door is the handshake of a building.”

Besides giving a great first impression, replacement commercial doors and frames also:

  • Give you better control over who comes in and out of your business
  • Protect your valuables (when combined with commercial door locks)

With that in mind, here are other reasons to consider replacement commercial doors and weather-stripping for your business.

Apply weather stripping

New weather-stripping to keep warm air in and cold air out

In October and leading into November and December, you want your customers to be warm and comfortable when they step inside your business.

New, commercial-grade weather-stripping can help do just that.

It’s thick, strong and durable enough to withstand heavy use.

Plus, commercial weather-stripping is available in a variety of lengths (ranging from 6’ to 16’) and configurations to fit whatever shape and size of doors you have.

The difference you’ll experience with replacement weather-stripping is almost instantaneous.

Firstly, your business property will just look cleaner, neater and more professional.

Secondly, improved weather-stripping can drastically lower your monthly heating and hydro bills (which is incredibly important for Ontario business owners in 2017).

Improve the material quality of your commercial doors

With replacement commercial doors and frames to match, you can select the material option you want.

For example:

  • Steel: Powerful and drastically improves security access control. Ideal for areas which are exposed to heavy traffic and all sorts of weather conditions.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight, yet strong, aluminum doors are a great compliment to handicap door operators. Resistant to both corrosion and rusting.
  • Wood: Attractive, stately and timeless. Very energy efficient when it’s insulated properly. Available in a variety of weights.
  • Metal Clad: Solid wood doors which are wrapped in steel cladding. Available in bronze, nickel or whatever appearance you want for your business.

Something else to consider are the interior commercial doors of your business.

If you have an office, storeroom or a sensitive area with restricted access, a replacement commercial door can both beautify and improve the safety and security of those spaces.

Busy store

Your business may get a lot busier soon

Depending on the nature of your commercial enterprise, the next few weeks and months are going to be quite hectic.

That’s right: The busy holiday shopping season is around the corner.

Whether you’re manufacturing products or selling them, your business doors, commercial door locks, weather-stripping and other elements will get quite a workout.

And if they’re not up to the job now, they certainly won’t be in a few weeks.

After all, the last thing you want is for something to break and/or fail during what could be your busiest time of year.

As mentioned off the top of this blog, if getting new doors or weather-stripping is something you’ve put off, now’s the best time have us handle it for you before Christmas rush starts.

Contact us when you’re ready to start

Your commercial doors and weather-stripping are an important part of your business location’s infrastructure.

There’s no reason they shouldn’t look great and perform as expected.

If they aren’t, we can help.

Tell us your commercial needs. We’ll get back to you ASAP (because we know time is important) with the information you’re looking for.

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