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Which Keyless Access System is Best for My Business?

When it comes to commercial access control, keyless access systems are becoming the go-to security choice for business of all sizes.

That’s because they’re:

  • Scalable/versatile enough to fit all commercial door locks and entryways
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Only provided to employees and areas which need them
  • Available in a variety of options

Regarding that last point, a common question heard at Aim Lock & Safe is “which keyless access system is the right fit for my business needs?”

And that just happens to be the focus of this blog.

Swipe card keyless access system

Swipe cards

Otherwise known as electronic card access systems, swipe cards are quite basic in their design.

All that’s required is the keyless access system itself (the unit in which the cards will be swiped) and enough swipe cards for everyone in your organization.

Advantages of swipe cards:

  • Installation is quick, easy and will not provide much disruption to your business
  • Monitoring and access control options/limitations are available
  • Lost or stolen cards can immediately be canceled to deny access to unauthorized users
  • Spare and/or extra swipe cards can be ordered if necessary
  • Can fit just about any commercial door and frame

Choose swipe cards if:

You have a variety of doors in your business location you want to restrict access to (especially if they’re in an open location where customers can open them).

Fob keyless access system


Tiny enough to fit on a keyring or necklace even, fobs are an incredibly convenient and time-saving keyless access system.

Installation of fob systems is quick, because only the access panel needs to be mounted to the wall and connected to the door.

Advantages of fobs:

  • Incredibly cost effective, yet also a very effective commercial security option
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Gives you complete control over who has access to all parts of your business
  • Can be deactivated remotely from a central computer program if they’re lost or stolen
  • Extra fobs are available on demand

Choose fobs if:

You’re constantly going from one sensitive business location to another. Fobs are an ideal combination of portability and power.

Keypad keyless access system

Keypad entry systems

Keypad locks are easy to install and can fit just about any type of door (push/pull handle, sliding doors, heavy-duty commercial doors, etc.).

Usually, they’re mounted on walls and can only be accessed by entering the correct alpha-numeric code.

Advantages of keypad entry systems

  • A single unit can open multiple doors or dedicated pads can be used for individual doors
  • Codes can be changed as often as necessary
  • Monitoring is available to report on when pads have been accessed
  • Keypad entry systems can automatically lockout unauthorized attempts
  • Ensures each employee has the right level of access

Choose keypad entry systems if:

You have a large-scale business with sensitive areas scattered throughout. With keypads, you’ll be able to control employee access – even if you aren’t there personally.

Buzz in keyless access system

Buzz-In Systems

A buzz-in keyless access system contains multiple parts.

There’s the unit which people buzz to request entry. A component to let someone know access has been requested (i.e. an intercom or video camera) and a mechanism to actually grand access.

Advantages of buzz-in systems:

  • Allows business to see/communicate with anyone before granting access
  • Can work and be turned off on a set schedule
  • Attendants can grant access remotely using commercial wireless releases
  • Buildings/doors of all types can be retrofitted with buzz-in systems
  • A single unit is usually required (for front-of-business access)

Choose buzz-in systems if:

It’s imperative you know who wants to enter your establishment. Buzz-in systems are ideal when it’s important to identify who you want to keep out (i.e. unwanted tenants, salespeople, etc.)

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Concerned that employees or customers can access areas they shouldn’t?

If so, then contact us today to discuss your options for keyless access systems.

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