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End-of-Year Commercial Security Review

2016 calendar

Can you believe it’s already November?

Pretty soon, the holiday season will be in full swing.

And depending on the type of business you own, the Christmas rush won’t be too far behind.

If you’ve put off any commercial locksmith security jobs or upgrades during the year, there’s still time to have Aim Lock & Safe take care of them before things get really busy.

Handicap door button

Installation Project: Handicap door operators

Ensuring your commercial location is accessible is both good business sense and a common courtesy.

And in 2025, it becomes the law, too.

Commercial handicap door operators (like the one shown here) converts any manual door into an automatic one.

It’s an easy installation our team can make in very little time.

Once it’s in place, your business will be a welcoming place for all customers; whether they have a physical disability (as over 17% of Toronto residents do) or just need help with the door as they carry a handful of bags.

Depository safe

Upgrade Project: Commercial safes

At Christmastime, there tends to be an abundance of important items floating around almost any commercial environment.

Go into any office, workspace or storage area and there’s a possibility you could find something like:

  • Cash
  • Ownership papers
  • Jewelry
  • Travel documents
  • Sensitive materials

Does your business have a reliable depository safe to store these valuables?

Commercial safes come in all shapes and sizes (so they’ll fit in whatever business space you’re working with).

Unlike say, a conventional home safe, commercial safes tend to have very high fire resistance and burglary ratings.

And don’t worry about coming to our location to pick it up.

Our trained team of safe movers will deliver and install your commercial safe (see them in action for yourself).


Improvement Project: Commercial security consultation

It’s near the end of 2016.

And all year long, were you concerned about a multitude of security issues (but didn’t have time to address them), like:

If you’ve been wondering about your commercial security on-and-off during the year, now’s the time to get peace of mind (and improve anything which needs it) with a commercial security consultation.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll visit your commercial property and review important items with you, including:

  • Safes: Do you need a safe? Or if you already have one, is it right for your business?
  • Doors, Locks, Access: Are you getting the right levels of security and functionality you need?
  • Windows: Breaking glass is how most break-ins occur. Are your windows at risk?

Additionally, we’ll answer anything else you want to know when it comes to commercial locks and commercial door hardware.

Commercial door

Replacement project: Commercial door locks

Commercial door locks are the most basic security element your business can have.

But if your door sticks, locks get jammed or if you can’t account for missing keys, now’s the perfect time to replace your locks.

New, high-security commercial door locks are tough enough to withstand lock picking, drilling and bumping.

Even more impressive is they can provide extra protection against unwanted key cutting & duplication.

In short, no one can copy your business keys without your permission.

Contact us for your commercial security needs

Your business is your livelihood.

And just as you invest in equipment, inventory and employees, you should also invest in its security.

Especially now as the very busy Christmas season is about to start.

Contact us with whatever commercial product or security information you’re looking for.

We’ll get back to you fast to discuss your particular business property needs.

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