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There’s No Job We Can’t Handle

If you need lock rekeying, key cutting & duplication and lock & hardware repairs, we’ll take care of it for you – either in our shop or at your home or business location.

But if you find yourself needing larger, more complex security services, we’re able to handle that for you too.

While other companies run away from bigger jobs, our team of locksmiths and security professionals are more than willing to help you out with:

Broken doorDoor and frame replacements

In case your home or business is vandalized, the first priority is making sure your family is safe.

The second priority is making certain all your security accessories – and not just the locks and keys – are in good working order.

Repairing and replacing door frames is just as important.

Other companies may outsource that work (costing you extra time, worry, money and hassle).

However, at Aim Lock & Safe, we have contractors and builders on staff who are experienced in assessing and replacing doors and frames.


  • Commercial doors & frames: No matter what type of commercial door you have – or in what condition it is – we’ll fix it right up for you.

Total door locking systems

Some companies only deal with locks and latches.

Others may only deal with hardware (such as hinges or doorknobs).

At Aim Lock & Safe, the belief is that anything that’s meant to lock (whether it’s a door, safe or wireless release) is a total system that needs to work together in order to function properly.

So if any one component isn’t up to snuff, it can compromise the whole system.

  • Hinges warped or off-kilter? We’ll replace and install them for you.
  • Door passing through its threshold? We’ll fix it right away.
  • Weatherstripping peeling away and creating a draft? Leave it to us.
  • Lock doesn’t latch properly? We’ve got it.

Every aspect of your door is fair game for us to help with.

Safe moving

Customers have shared stories with us of companies selling them a large safe, only to not offer to help them move it.

Since home safes or commercial safes can weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds, safe installation and moving is best left to the professionals.

Special equipment and precautions need to be used when moving a safe.

Otherwise, it could get damaged and void any warranty protection you may have on it.

To get a glimpse of how safes are moved, check out this short video of our safe moving team in action (warning, there is sound with this video).

For more information, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t move your safe yourself.

Security consultations

If you’re concerned about the safety of your home or business location, a security consultation can give you the peace of mind you want.

That’s when an Aim Lock & Safe expert visits you for an on-site property review and makes recommendations on things like:

  • Safe selection: Get guidance on what safe you should use based on things like home layout, valuables to be protected and safe ratings.
  • Access systems: Are there commercial access control gaps which are vulnerable to theft? Our expert will find them and make recommendations on how to eliminate them.
  • Window security: Windows are a prime target for would-be thieves. A security consultation tells you if additional protective measures are needed (like window bars).

That’s information and insight you just don’t get from other locksmith service providers.

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Get more because you deserve more

When it comes to the safety and security of your family, there can be no compromise.

You want products, services and skilled knowledge. And ideally, you want to get it from one place.

That’s where we come in.

We have the experience to help you with all your security needs.

Not just one or a few things. Everything.

Tell us what security services you’re looking for. When you do, we promise you two things:

  • You’ll get a quick and courteous reply
  • We’ll be able to handle it for you

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