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The Safe Way to Move Safes (Video)

Last year, Aim Lock & Safe provided 3 reasons why you shouldn’t move a safe on your own. Today, we take a look at the safety precautions we take when handling tough, challenging safe relocation jobs. Using specialized safe moving equipment A heavy-duty moving dolly won’t do it. Not even close. And bungee cords and straps

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Everything You Need to Know About Wall Safes

  You’ve probably seen them in movies: wall safes which are hidden behind an old, family portrait containing important papers and untold riches. But c’mon, that doesn’t happen in real life. Does it? As a matter of fact, it does. The whole premise behind wall safes is for them to be installed – and then

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Five Interesting Ways Padlocks Are Tested

For many people, padlocks are the default option when it comes to locking and securing things like: Sheds Toolboxes Banker’s boxes Lockers That same padlock can be all the stands between your property and a would-be thief looking to get at it. Padlocks (well, door locks in general) sometimes undergo some strange and punishing tests

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Ontario’s Accessibility Laws. Are You Compliant?

In 2025, the AODA becomes law If you’re a commercial business owner, here’s what it means to you: Your staff must be trained to serve customers of all abilities Handicap door operators must be in place and fully operational Service animals must be welcomed in your business Create accessibility policies for your business Now, 2025 may

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Security New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

  It’s that time of year where everybody makes New Year’s resolutions to improve their health, financial situation or anything else they want to improve. But what about residential or commercial business security resolutions? Just like yourself, your home, car or business (if you own one) should change for the better when it comes to

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