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Everything You Need to Know About Wall Safes

wall safe


You’ve probably seen them in movies: wall safes which are hidden behind an old, family portrait containing important papers and untold riches.

But c’mon, that doesn’t happen in real life. Does it?

As a matter of fact, it does.

The whole premise behind wall safes is for them to be installed – and then hidden within – a wall.

Whether it’s behind things like…

  • Pictures
  • Mirrors
  • Furniture
  • Sculptures

…or other objects, the last thing you want to do is attract attention to a home safe that’s obviously been placed in a wall.

So yes, you can feel like a boss with a walled and camouflaged home, commercial  or gun safe.

But there’s more to wall safes than being ultra-cool.


How wall safes are tested & rated

Your wall safe (just like most conventional and stand-up safes) will be tested and rated for:

  • UL Ratings: The Underwriters Laboratories is a US-based agency responsible for testing and certifying all types of products for safety & performance.
  • TL Ratings: The only visible aspect of a wall safe is the combination lock & door. TL ratings test the doors effectiveness against cutting, grinding, picking and sawing tools
  • B-Rating & C-Rating: This measures the thickness of the safe’s doors and walls. B-Rated safes have doors and walls which are thinner than C-Rated safes.
  • Fire: Wall safes aren’t tested as strictly against explosions and fire vs. other fireproof safes. But they are checked to see how well the inside & outside hold up against extreme heat.

The best times and reasons to use a wall safe

Wall safes are very versatile in that, they can be placed almost anywhere and always be hidden and out-of-sight.

At home

The majority of customers at Aim Lock & Safe Ltd. use their wall safes to store valuable (but easily accessible) items like:

  • Cash
  • Important papers and documents
  • Jewelry
  • Checks
  • Family heirlooms

Wall safes also make for excellent gun safes if you’re looking to store small-sized firearms.

At the office

Many companies opt for a wall-style commercial safe because it provides an extra level of peace of mind when storing cash or business documents.

The thinking goes that would-be thieves often target businesses because they know there’s money to be had. All they have to do is find it.

That task is made much harder with a concealed wall safe (which can be installed anywhere) vs. a plain sight safe that’s in an office.

Combination lock

Other wall safe considerations

Thinking about getting a wall safe? You should consider:

  • Level of security: This depends on what you want to place inside it. Storing a priceless diamond necklace will require a higher level of security vs. keeping the family passports in one place.
  • Fireproof or not: A fireproof wall safe provides protection against flames and criminals. They’re usually heavier and more expensive than non-fireproof wall safes and are a good option if protecting items which are irreplaceable.
  • Capacity: You want to make sure your wall safe can hold everything you want to place in it. Do you need shelving? If you’re storing long guns, do you need a tall wall safe to match?
  • Lock style: Dial combination? Digital locks? Key locks? Biometric or fingerprint locks? (yes, these really exist) The lock options for your wall safe are almost endless.
  • Hidden from view: As mentioned off the top, some wall safes can be hidden from view while others aren’t concealable. Again, it’s all about personal preference and how/where/when you’ll access your wall safe.

Interested in a wall safe? We can help

If you want a wall safe for your home and business, you should ask a locksmith for more information or request a FREE quote on our products.

The team at Aim Lock & Safe Ltd. can help will every aspect of your wall safe.

From product selection to delivery and installation, everything you need will be taken care of.

Your first step is to contact us today and tell us what you’re looking for.

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