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Where Should I Put My Safe?

Selecting and purchasing the best safe for your needs is only half the battle; even before you get your safe home, you need to decide where you want to place it.

For Homeowners

For Homeowners

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When a safe is for personal use, studies show most men and women choose the closet – most commonly, the closet of their master bedroom or, in some cases, the closet of a spare bedroom. As a result, because bedroom closet placement is so common, closets are among the first places thieves visit when they’re looking for a home safe.

Likewise, locating a safe behind a framed painting or print isn’t the best idea. Most of us have seen at least a couple of movies or television shows where a business owner or homeowner has swung aside a painting and revealed the safe behind it. When choosing a spot for your safe, ideally, you want to avoid these common spots when determining the most secure placement.

For Businesses

For Businesses

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Because many areas of a business are inaccessible to the public, most business owners have a wider range of placement options.

In general, the spot where the safe is located should not be visible to the general public. Whether or not the area is visible by security cameras is up to the owner: Some prefer total privacy, locating the safe outside of the view of cameras, while others may prefer to have the safe located in an area that is on camera to add an extra layer of security in the event of a break in.

We often recommend that businesses locate their safes in a room where there is limited access, where a door can be locked during the times the safe needs to be accessed, and depending on the level of traffic, sometimes we recommend a peep hole be installed in the door.

No matter where you decide to locate your safe, consider having a contractor secure the safe to the floor or another surrounding structural element with bolts or other hardware to make it extremely difficult to remove – one of our main safe services is securing/bolting them in place.

Finally, when selecting a safe, while smaller size may be more economical and easier to place or hide, remember that smaller safes can also be more easily removed; pay special attention during installation to ensure smaller safes are securely bolted or attached to structural elements to prevent them from being carried off.

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