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What Size Safe Should I Buy?

Especially if you’ve never used a safe in the past, it can be difficult to determine the best size for your needs. For most people, the best approach is to choose a size that is at least a little larger than what you currently need.

safeIn most cases, safes that are used for business are larger than those for home use. Whether your safe is for home or business use, you’ll need to consider what items you’ll be storing in it:

  • Documents – how many and how large? Some contracts and deeds can be quite bulky; so can ledgers.
  • Cash – how many people will be using the safe for cash storage? Will it be accessed regularly and removed for deposit in a bank as in most businesses or will the amount grow over time (more typical with homeowners)?
  • Jewelry or coins
  • Guns
  • Personal or historical objects

Buy Slightly Larger than What you Require Today

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Consumers buying a safe for personal use must also consider their purchase and investment habits- typically, most people’s collections of jewelry and other precious objects will increase over time. Similarly, most people tend to amass documents as they age: deeds, contracts, wills and other estate planning documents, powers of attorney and so on. Likewise, businesses that are just starting out may have fewer documents or other goods to store, but will tend to gather more items the longer they remain in business.

For these reasons, we often advise customers to base their purchase not only on their current valuables and storable items, but also on an assessment or prediction of their future needs. Remember: Once a safe is securely installed and anchored in place, removing it simply to upgrade to a larger size can be difficult (Remember: the purpose of securely installing a safe is to make removal difficult so would-be thieves are thwarted). Choosing a safe that’s based on future needs is a wise move that can save you time and expense in the future.

In addition to basing capacity on your personal or business needs, the size of your new safe will also be determined, at least in part, by the space you have available for the safe’s placement. If you’re not sure where to place your safe or how much space you’ll need, one of our skilled service technicians can measure your space and help you decide what size is right for your needs and your space.

Get Exactly What you Need With a Custom Safe Design

Finally, while safes are available in standard sizes, we can also create a custom size to suit anyone’s unique needs. Our technicians can help design the ideal safe that’s perfectly suited to your needs and your space. A well-made, high-quality safe is built to last and designed to protect all your valuables for years to come. Taking the time to choose the right safe for your current and future needs is the best way to make sure you get the security and peace of mind you need and deserve.

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