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The Best Security Locks to Protect Your Business

It is important to have the right security for your business. Not only do you want to protect your livelihood against theft or vandalism, but not having the right security can mean that you are not in compliance with your insurance company. Choosing the right security locks is the first line of defense for your business. Picking a good lock may not sound like a complicated decision, but when you consider most doors do not have the correct sort of lock, it is important to do some research and look at the matter carefully.

The first thing to take into account is what type of door you need a lock for. The door’s use will help determine the type of lock you will need. An exterior lock should be made for heavier duty. The job of the lock on an exterior door is to keep strangers out. If a stranger has his eye on your property, he may not have any qualms with resorting to destructive measures to get what he wants. You will need a strong deterrent.

Security Measures for the Exterior


One of the most popular and most simple locks for an exterior door is the deadbolt. The deadbolt requires a key to enter and has a thumb turn on the inside. Deadbolts are generally quite strong.


If the exterior door happens to belong to a garage or storage unit, consider a padlock. Because a padlock is easily moved it is a good option for locking a space such as a storage unit: something that might be rented but does not belong directly to the business. Padlocks can come in a variety of strengths to secure your material goods.

Security Bars

Security bars, although not necessarily locks, are another way to deter would-be thieves and vandals from breaching your business premises through one of its most vulnerable points: the glass. Even if the glass gets broken, the contents (and occupants) are safe

Security Measures for the Interior

While exterior door locks will prevent breach from strangers, interior door locks prevent people you know from taking advantage of you.

Lever Lockset

A lever lockset is a good option for lever door handles usually found on offices and supply closets. Whether you want to prevent pilferage of office supplies or keep unauthorized personnel from viewing sensitive documents, this security lock will do the trick.

Cabinet and File Locks

There are also locks for cabinets and file drawers. Locking an item or file directly in a cabinet is just one more way to ensure its safekeeping and prevent prying eyes from taking a gander.

Choosing the right security locks for your business is the one of the best and surprisingly simplest ways to protect it. It can keep intruders from entering your premises, pilferage to a minimum and trade secrets safe. Getting the right security is also important in complying with your insurance company.

For a look at these and a host of other security lock options, contact Aim Lock and Safe today to see what we can do for you.

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