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Lock Rekeying vs. Replacing Door Hardware?

When it’s time to change your locks, you have two primary options: Buy and install new hardware or rekey your existing hardware. Most people tend to opt for purchasing new hardware simply because it’s the most well-known solution. In fact, many people may not know they can keep their hardware and simple have the locking mechanism changed.

When Can You Rekey?

Lock RekeyingUnless your existing locks have been irreparably damaged or they’re flimsy, both new hardware and rekeying offer the same degree of security. Rekeying has a couple of advantages: First, it uses hardware that’s already in place; that means the hardware has already been installed. New locks require installation which isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Precision is critical when it comes to installing locks so they function properly and provide the highest degree of protection.

What’s more, many homeowners and business owners end up buying locks and locksets that simply aren’t made for their type or style of door. In that case, your door or jamb – or both – will need to be retrofitted in order for the new lock to be properly fitted (or the lock will need to be exchanged for one intended for your door type). And, if you need to buy a lock that matches other hardware in finish, color or style, it can be very difficult – if not impossible – to find an ideal match. When a match is necessary, many homeowners find themselves buying a complete set of new hardware which substantially increases the cost.

How Much Does Rekeying Cost?

Second, rekeying is significantly less expensive than changing your old locks for new ones. While a new keyed or keyless lock, gripset and matching interior trim runs from $130 to $360, the cost of rekeying a lock is about $80 – regardless of whether you have a keyed or keyless unit.

When Should You Replace Your Door Locks?

Replace Your Door LocksOf course, if you want to increase your level of security or change the look – the style or finish – of your locks, or if you’re changing out your door and swapping it for a new one, new locks are a necessity

Installation is often much more complicated than anticipated, often requiring drilling or the use of chisels to properly set the strike plate. Having your locks installed professionally not only saves you time, but you can rest assured that the installation has been performed correctly, which means you get added peace of mind.

The decision of whether to rekey your existing locks or buy new hardware is often simply a matter of personal preference. If you have questions about the locks on your home or business, we’re always ready to help. Contact us now.

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