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Door Locking Hardware: What to Look for & How to Choose

Choosing the right locks for your home is a critical decision, one on which your home’s security relies. While many homeowners look first at price as a deciding factor, since the locks you choose play an integral role in keeping your family and your belongings safe, cost should be only one of many considerations.

What Should You Look for in a Lock?

What Should You Look for in a LockWell, first you need to decide the level of security you’re seeking. Not all locks are created equal, and the unfortunate truth is that unless you’ve experienced a threat to your home’s security, it’s difficult to imagine how important it is to make sure your locks provide an adequate level of protection. Most homeowners are tempted to select minimum-security locks based on their lower price point, but the fact is, many of these locks are easily picked or forced, meaning your home makes an easy target for burglars and other intruders.

For most residential applications, a mid-level security lock is a sound choice. Mid-level security means your locks will be more resistant to picking and forcing, and it also means it’s much more difficult for your keys to be copied. Business owners should look for high-security locks since businesses typically are more likely to be targets of burglaries or robberies. High-security locks are virtually impervious to picks and so-called bumping – a technique that uses a special key to force a door open by hitting it with a hammer or other object. High-security locks also let you as the business owner monitor who has the ability to have keys cut.

Consult with a Locksmith That Supplies a Variety of Brands for Unbiased Recommendations

Consult with a LocksmithBecause locks can be manufactured using different methods and materials, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, for a consumer to make an accurate assessment of its quality. Even companies with strong reputations and brand recognition may produce low-quality locks to satisfy the desire for lower priced options. To truly determine if a lock is a suitable choice, ask a locksmith for his or her recommendations. Locksmiths – including those of us at Aim Lock & Safe – have worked with a wide range of lock models, brands and types, and that kind of experience can be invaluable in making sure the lock you choose meets your specific needs.

Rely on Reputable Brands

Rely on Reputable BrandsIf you decide to choose a lock on your own without guidance, try to avoid “off shore” brands or brands that aren’t well known. Many of these locks end up malfunctioning in a short time and may even fall apart within a few weeks of regular use. Often, keys will not work properly, making locks difficult to use. Poorly designed locks may also have poorly applied finishes that tend to chip or wear away soon after installation.

When looking for any lock, be sure to see what warranty is included. Some manufacturers offer mechanical warranties, some offer warranties on the finish, and some offer both. The type and duration of the warranty can vary between brands and even among models made by the same brand. Like most consumer products, when it comes to locks, you tend to get what you pay for.

Remember: Your lock is your first line of defense against burglars and other intruders. A lock is no place to skimp. At Aim Lock & Safe, we’re happy to help you choose a lock that will help protect your home and your loved ones and offer you the peace of mind you deserve- contact us today.

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