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What’s the Deal with Bluetooth Locks?

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Way back in January, Aim Lock & Safe published a blog looking at upcoming security trends for 2017.

One element in particular, Bluetooth locking systems, definitely struck a chord. Many of you took time to contact us with your questions about them.

There’s a good chance you already use Bluetooth (aka “smart” technology) for many things at home or at work:

  • Pairing your cell phone with your car stereo
  • A Bluetooth radio for the office
  • Wireless headphones when you go jogging
  • Using your iPad anywhere, anytime
  • Unlocking and starting your car with a key fob

So Bluetooth itself isn’t anything new.

But Bluetooth locks are; which begs the question: what are they all about?

Bluetooth lock

Bluetooth locks explained

The basic principle behind Bluetooth technology is that two electronic devices are paired; one cannot work without the other.

For Bluetooth door locks and accessories, you need to have to main parts:

In short, as you approach the door, you can transmit a signal or code from your iPhone (working like a key) to the lock.

The lock receives that signal and automatically opens; thus eliminating the need to carry or use a key.

Now that’s just a simple explanation. A fully functional “smart” locking device must also have a solid Wi-Fi connection and a Bluetooth capable home security system.

However, just like your smartphone connects with your FitBit, a Bluetooth lock connects with code key device.


Benefits of Bluetooth locks

As Bluetooth locks become more advanced for home and commercial door lock usage, their advantages are quite impressive too:


  • No more keys to use or lose. Many modern cars have eliminated the need for traditional keys. Bluetooth lock hardware installations can do the same for your home.


  • No need to fumble in your purse or pocket for keys. Just approach the lock and the device will do the rest. Extremely helpful in an emergency situation.


  • Strong and reliable. Bluetooth deadbolts are just as tough and secure as their traditional counterparts. You aren’t compromising anything in terms of safety or performance.


  • Easy to share. If you want, you can send a Bluetooth lock electronic wireless code to anyone. Conversely, you can also disable its functionality if it’s required.


  • Encryption technology. If your phone or fob were stolen, the Bluetooth unlock code isn’t just there for anyone to see. It’s encrypted, which means it cannot be read.



Anyone skilled at lock picking can pry open a traditional lock and break into a home if they wanted.

Conversely, Bluetooth locks can also be “picked.” In this case, picking means hacking into them; just like a computer, website or email address (even though it’s very hard to do so).

Other disadvantages to Bluetooth locks include:

  • Full battery needed: Using an iPhone to open your “smart” lock? Make sure it’s got juice. A dead or drained iPhone battery means you’re not getting inside until it’s charged.


  • No emergency keys: Many Bluetooth locks come with backup keys. If your unlocking device isn’t responsive and you chose not to use the backup key, you can’t open the lock.


  • Lost phone or fob: If you’re prone to misplacing your iPhone or a code fob, you won’t have the “key” needed to unlock your door.

The bottom line

The Bluetooth market is still quite new; so it’s difficult to determine where it’s headed.

However, it’s expected to be a $24 billion industry by 2024. (Grand View Research Inc.)

One on hand, we’re already accustomed to using Bluetooth technology on a daily basis. And for most of us, we don’t give a second thought to its security.

Conversely, Bluetooth locks still haven’t been perfected. There’s always room for growth and improvement.

And for what it’s worth, good old fashioned locks and keys have been around for over 1000 years.

In the end; it comes down to what you want for your home or commercial locksmith needs.

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This blog is just an introduction into Bluetooth locks.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have. We’ll look them over and get back to you ASAP with the answers you need.

As well, you can contact us anytime to learn more about our products and services. All you have to do is tell us what you want to know.

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