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Introducing Our Realtor Advantage Program

housewarming gift

You’ve found your clients the perfect home, now to find them the perfect gift.

We know you value the relationship that you have with your clients.

That’s why they’ve trusted you with one of the biggest decisions they’ll make in their lives.

They’ve gone through their checklist, packed up their lives and are ready to move into their new home.

But what they probably haven’t considered is the importance of having their locks rekeyed upon moving in.

Can you, your clients, the real estate lawyer or even the previous owners know for certain that any past owners, tenants or even contractors still don’t have a key to the property?

The answer for most people is probably no.

In 2013, Statistics Canada reported that roughly 156,000 break-ins were reported by police.

A percentage of those were by someone who had a key to the property and had spent time in the home.

You can be told that when your clients take possession, the only keys are being handed over to you. But how can you be sure?

Lock rekeying can give you peace of mind without the hassle and expense of reinstalling a new deadbolt.

Show your clients how much you care by giving them the gift of security.

How rekeying works.

Using your existing lock, we can replace the inside pins and springs, creating a new key to unlock it – and rendering the old key ineffective.

new house keysIs this a cost effective option?

According to an article released by the National Association of Realtors, the average real estate agent spends $100 – $200 on each closing gift.

The average cost to rekey a home is around $100.

This fits well within most budgets, and still leaves a little extra room to buy small gifts like a bouquet of flowers, or a bottle of champagne to add a special, personal touch without breaking the bank.

A study done by the National Association of Realtors in 2007 reported, top gifts from agents were:


  • Gift cards (59.5 percent)
  • Flowers or plants (37.2 percent)
  • Gift baskets (36.7 percent)

Set yourself apart and build referrals with this clever and unique closing gift.

How does it work?

Our Realtor Advantage Program is based around saving you money. It’s a rewards program that effectively rewards both you and your client.

For every nine rekeys you purchase as closing gifts, we will reward you with one free.

You don’t even have the hassle of keeping track of how many rekeys you’ve purchased. We’ll do that for you.

Your free rekey holds a minimum value of $150.

For those agents who generally spend more than the average on rekeys or products for their clients, we will credit your 10th rekey based on an average of your last nine sales.
security consultation

How does this reward my clients?

Your clients now love you even more because you’ve thought of something that they didn’t, in order to help keep them, their family, and their belongings safe and secure.

This is also our mission.

For each of your clients, we will schedule a FREE walk-through security consultation, one-on-one at their home.

We will give suggestions on how to better secure their property, to ensure it is as safe as can be.

We offer decades of experience in the security field, and will notice potential weak-points that may not have yet been noticed.

This walk-though alone holds a minimum value of $72.

Ask us anything.

Give us a call to find out more about our Realtor Advantage Program.

If you’re looking to connect with us online, reach out to us with an email or join our community on Facebook.

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